Are you game?

Yes, I am! Found a short description of a goulash in the new book by Robert Makłowicz and made it my own. So, I shot myself this frozen deer in the wood of P&P, right about one kilo. Once unfrozen, the meat with all its juices went into a pot along with a healthy dose of madera to barely cover it, some crushed juniper berries, sliced onions, garlic, a dash of worcestershire sauce. Left it in the fridge to marinate for almost 48h. Ok, now the cooking. Sliced 3 carrots, two parsnips and one celery root and added it to the pot with meat. Next, sautéd more sliced onions sprinkled with newly acquired smoked paprika. Took out the meat from the marinade and mixed it with the onion/paprika mix. Sizzled the meat for a few moments on high heat. And then just the easy part – put everything back in the pot, added a bit of salt and pepper, put the pot in the oven for the next 2-3h.

Here served with buckwheat and mushrooms.

Or with potato wedges sprinkled with hot smoked paprika.


Some remarks after the consumptions: forgot the bay leaf. Another thing, madera makes the dish moderately sweetish… it is not a fault, but will try with dry wine or even maybe a splash of whisky in the future.


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