Lunch time

Another quick and healthy proposition. Buckwheat with mushrooms.

There is a place in my kitchen full of dried mushroom filled glass jars. Last year’s mushroom season was very fruitful and I have so much of the dried mushrooms that it seems like the number of filled jars stays the same. Mind this – I am not complaining. Just wondering if I ever use it up before the next mushroom season begins (actually, just like with the bicycling season, the mushroom one lasts throughout the year and does not have a beginning and an end).

Today, the Little Buddha experience:

  • soak mushrooms in water overnight
  • cook buckwheat in that mushroomy water
  • in the meantime, stew the mushrooms in a frying pan (we have some fat collected from roasting goose not a long time ago)
  • add chopped onion and watch it become soft and translucent
  • add a splash of Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper
  • add the cooked buckwheat
  • add a little bit of chopped chicory
  • add a chopped tomato
  • add crushed and chopped garlic

Stir all for a few minutes on low heat. Sprinkle with chopped parsley before serving. Enjoy. It is quick, healthy and damn cheap.


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