Bubbles srubbles

I am being drawn to the  Warsaw based Marks & Spencer like a moth to a flame. It must be the rows of products in slick uniform like packages, with slogans attracting those hungry for the opium of masses – for some believe paradise is being served right here on earth. I know I will never purchase the organic chicken stock or fair trade coffee beans, yet I walk between the shelves mesmerized, knowingly – because not long ago I wanted to believe, too.

Sometimes, more often than necessary, I need to confirm through action what I already know. I will never again buy red wines at M&S (nevah say nevah). That cider is pretty good. I will continue to experiment with the cava.

And here it is. While hand crafting this post, I feel the bubbles finding their way to my brain cells causing this havoc. I just wanted to say that this is a really nice cava with fresh citrus and fruity notes, the apples being at the foremost, but look what happened: the coronation of The Bullshit Queen. I do not like the M&S sign on the label, but then again it is another one of my hand ups.

I bought this bottle for 34zł, 20% less its regular price. Well spent money.

I do admit to adopt some practices shamelessly.


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