szanowny panie obecny premierze

W telegraficznym skrócie (chociaż artykuł jest długi), ale za to trafnie podsumowane wyzwania i możliwości stojące przed Turcją. Trzymam kciuki, kibicuję.

For the first time since the Republic’s creation, civilian power is fully established and essentially unconstrained. In that sense Turkey is no longer different from the United States or the United Kingdom, to give just two examples. Successful democracy, however, is not just a “winner take all” system, where those who win elections, can do as they please. It has to include a system of checks and balances in a way that protects individual citizens, opposition groups, and whoever is in the minority. On the road to the hundredth anniversary of the Republic, Turkey now has the chance to show its citizens and the world that it has achieved what the founding fathers ultimately wanted, even though they did not practice it, namely that the country has become a full, normally functioning democracy. We have a chance to become just that, but we are unfortunately not there yet. It is not just that there is need for a new constitution and new laws offering much stronger protection to dissent and individual rights, it is also a question of behavior and socio-political norms.

Źródło:  The Istanbul Guide

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