i wszystko jasne

Mój ulubiony temat.

“(…) an earthquake of more than magnitude 7.0 will strike (…) researchers think (…) failed to detect any microearthquakes (…) the fault is creeping along (…) are sure the fault is not a creeper (…) The 745-mile-long (1,200 km) North Anatolian Fault is one of the biggest strike-slip faults in the world, on the scale of California’s San Andreas Fault. (…) “We’re not trying to predict an earthquake. We’ve known that there is an earthquake coming for years,”* (…) more work needs to be done (…) “We also need to consult the alternatives,” (…) “It’s a really a nice study, (…) they found a seismic gap, but it’s possible (…) on any section (…),” (…) models vary, (…) predictions range from 35 to 70 percent (…)”

* Sensacyjne odkrycie w mieście z historią cyklicznego rozbierdololo.


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